August 1, 2020 Team UPDAT3


1)Team Practice

2)Op3rator details

3)CoD Page

4)New merch


-Team Practice:

Team D33r3con is a sports team. We currently have two divisions of teams. One is our gaming team and the 2nd one is our hunting team. We will also be bringing back another division that we started but never followed through, Air Soft & Paintball , but more on that in the future.

Today I just want to cover the practice element of our gaming team and a couple other basic team metrics.

Being a sports team we need to train like athletes and be ready to compete when the cash-prize tournaments are scheduled. Keeping a consistent team practice schedule will help fine tune our squads for competition and prepare us for Victory!

(Notice I said “squads” in plural. That is because we will be competing in several different game modes including for example, 2v2 Gunfight. Or squad SnD etc. And even some Warzone tournaments). That means we will be scheduling our team members in rotation according to the plan. For example we are about to take on another team that contacted us this week for a practice SnD challenge which we have gladly accepted and we are nominating other members who have shown skills to prove themselves in competing with that team. These team members have not yet participated in a D33r3con tournament. And this will be the way we operate. When a high prize tournament comes around, the team leaders will vote on selection of our most skilled players to rep the team.

So we will need to have our best players for each mode trained up and ready to go like a soldier headed to war! After all, we want to WIN and earn respect as a team.

So that’s where practice comes in. We have set up a daily practice throughout the week Monday-Friday from 6pm-8pm. This is the small window of time each day that we will focus on team work and strategy. Drilling our tactics and familiarizing ourselves with the game modes and maps as well as each of our teammate’s play styles. We want to be a fine tuned war machine executing with precision honed skills on the battlefield. And that is why we are emphasizing modes like “Core” modes rather than playing “HardCore” modes during practice because tournaments are typically played in “Core” modes.

Now that being said, outside of the practice hours,we still need to enjoy some casual gameplay within other CoD modes the rest of the day before and after the practice sessions. So let’s of course jam in “Hardcore” and other modes when we aren’t training during practice. This is more for fun and social and taken less seriously than practice. Keep it fun and consider our other teammates preferences too! Do you concur?


-Op3rator Details:

I am very excited about this part too! Because with our Op3rator Rank, we are creating the ability to sponsor and pay our team members. This is great because our team members are given the opportunity to apply for a position in the d33r3con company to earn pay and discounts. There will be several Op3rator titles, each being a unique type of Op3rator specific to the team functions.

For example:

Op3rator title- (SOLDI3R)

The Soldier is a player. His/her function is simply to play the game as a team player. As an Op3rator there are some requirements. Not only do they have to be a skilled player, also this team member has to be dedicated to the brand and willing to represent online and in person to help spread the brand awareness. They will have already acquired d33r3con brand merch. They will be active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitch. This will help more people to discover the d33r3con brand. They will rep the merch they own in their online content. Upon acceptance through an application submitted by the potential Op3rator, they will receive a unique discount code for them and their friends/followers/audience. D33r3con will pay their Xbox or PlayStation Live fees. Possibly sponsor them with gaming equipment. Also, they will receive some percent of the earnings that d33r3con makes through their unique code. This is all in the plan. Awesome!

Again, there will be several types of Op3rators like Recruiters/Team Leaders, Media Specialist and more! More on the different types in a later website post so stay tuned. The bigger D33r3con grows, the more Op3rators we will add to the team. So if you’re interested, the opportunity to apply is coming soon.



A new page is coming to the d33r3con website. It’ll be for one of our faves, Call of Duty.

On this page we will have team created content that includes articles, video & images and tips and tricks all from our own team members.

For example this week we will begin with squad man Rider, and myself, Raddirty, to put together articles on some fine tuned custom classes that Rider himself has come up with. These will be updated often and re-occurring to keep the fresh content coming! Maybe you’ll have something to contribute to a piece on the page credited to you. Lets go!

This page will revolve around the Call of Duty game and will evolve with each new release by the franchise.


-Team D33r3con Merch:

New merch coming for our team members who’d like to support the team and help grow the brand.

Our merch is the best way to help in funding our operations to pay for tournaments, sponsor our team members, and do giveaways! The designs are in progress for new tees, hoodies, jogger pants, and more.

Our team merch takes our team from the cyber world and into the real physical world where our members and supporters can represent in person knowing they are a part of a legit and determined, goal oriented team of motivated people.

INFILTRAT3 TH3 PLAN3T with team d33r3con.

We want to encourage all of our team members to support the operation with team apparel. Capture the fun memories you’re having with your new found friends and teammates in a purchase of your favorite piece of d33r3con apparel found on the website. All supports is greatly appreciated. Thank you from all team members at




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