T3AM M3MB3R Shoutouts

One of D33r3con’s most active divisions is our gaming team.

Hours upon hours we zone in for the task driven, teamwork mandatory, tactical objectives in one of our favorite FPS titles, Call of Duty.

As a squad of competitive players, we thrive off of the intensity the game brings us. We win some and we lose some but it’s all fun.

We are proud of our accomplishments. It is not the easiest thing to do, unite a team of members who exhibit similar interests in a consistent routine of a pass time aside from our daily personal lives.

However, we are doing it! We have managed to take a hobby and transform it into a sport. A sport that is best played as a team. There is something about squading up with familiar teammates in a nightly mission defusing enemy bombs that solo gameplay just can not offer.

And that’s what this article is about, the most important element of our brand, our team members.

The D33r3con squad of gamers is an energetic team of men and women who deserve a high degree of recognition. Truth is, what we are doing here could not be attempted without you.

So let’s do some shoutouts.

I am encouraging all of our team members to upload content of pics of yourself in gaming headsets in the GAM3R channel at http://www.d33r3con.com

We will take the pics you post there and share it across our platforms in shoutouts for our team members. Be creative and original but remember, you have to post it on the website and not other social media pages.

Thanks to all of our team members! See you on the mission,


-raddirty / Team D33R3CON

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