Why D33R?

Our team has been asked the question by people we meet in the online video gaming arena, “why D33R for a team tag?” It’s a reasonable question because it seems unusual in that space.

We answer to our acquaintances: As an Amateur Sports Team, we operate and have team members around the planet participating in activities from multiple outdoors activities and members in esports online competitive gaming in several FPS titles and we’ve succeeded in combining the divisions to form D33R3CON, [Deer Recon originally taken from our tactical pursuit of monitoring deer by trailcams]. We are a small army of highly active members that we encourage to live a healthy active lifestyle both indoors and outside. We stay busy! and we are on a mission ⚔️ Our logo is a modern design symbolic of the wild & free deer. It was created with an army style theme that is different than other hunting logos, yet similar to gaming logos. We enjoy what we do. Our platform also allows us to share the different facets of our brand. Possibly introducing new people to the different elements of our team, thus potentially bringing more people to the different sports ⚔️ INFILTRAT3 TH3 GAM3 ⚔️

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