The criminal democrats are in a fight for total domination through government operations to lockdown the people of the USA, not the USA itself.

They want to continue the work they were doing before the Trump administration was elected and interrupted their agenda. All of the rioting and protests together with the covid response was part of the plan. But the people of the USA stopped them when they voted for Trump. Hillary was supposed to be chief of the American takeover initiative backed by global organizations and corrupt politicians funded by greedy, unelected bureaucrats.

The mainstream media in alliance with social media,big tech, big pharma, and these politicians have been successful in manipulating many people into thinking that the trouble in America is Trump’s fault when it was the plan to have everything happen as it has. They just had to wait for the right time for each element.

The democrats are having to now fight against Trump and the true USA patriots while simultaneously continuing marching forward with the preplanned strategy of the prior administration to destroy America and rip up the constitution.

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