What the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 mean for PC gaming | PC Gamer

A new Xbox and PlayStation release at the end of the year, and though the Microsoft and Sony machines are often seen as the opposites to PC gaming, they’re more like annoying siblings. They sit right in front of the TV and they don’t always like to share their toys, even though they don’t even know how to play with them correctly, which is obviously in a dark corner, at a desk, clacking away on an extra-loud mechanical keyboard.The consoles have chilled out as they’ve gotten older, though. Pretty much every Xbox game comes to PC now (and even to Steam these days) and Sony is starting to come around: Horizon Zero Dawn just released on PC, albeit after a long wait.Console tech also affects the kinds of games we get on PC. Even among indie developers, multiplatform game development is normal these days, and the capabilities the platforms share naturally become the baseline. Both in terms of games and tech, here’s what PC gamers can expect from this year’s new console releases:
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