Large cities in America are not American. These highly populated bodies have been high jacked by world organized parties. They may appear to be lead by a locally elected figurehead but these cities are systematically controlled by alien nations outside the USA through cultural manipulation and these elected officials hold no real power. These places are globalist hubs of communism operating as machines that holds together a one world system that rules the people of this planet. Without these cities the world cannot remain as one. Without these cities, nations cannot own America nor can any other nation be independent. Cities are the stronghold of the enemies of America and the enemy of the people.

There is nothing of value coming out of these cities that are made in America. Everything is made somewhere else. All that a person can find that maybe made in USA are local necessities made in rural areas outside of cities. Consider the corporate takeover by large companies that weaponized the Covid19 response and enabled the shutdown of local owned small businesses.

We can see evidence of this struggle in America’s political grind. Witness the 2016 election and how the densest populated cities were taken advantage of by the democrat party through entertainment propaganda yet defeated by the electoral college. A constitutional election weapon that helped the rural patriots of less populated, less-dependent and less-communist states win the presidency. This constitution is despised by many. This constitution is under attack.

Especially despised by globalist world organizations allied with treasonous American politicians and greedy bureaucrats.


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