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Team D33R3CON Tournament Grind


Team D33r3con is pushing forward in our competitive front with an ongoing tournament schedule.

The team will be active in multiple tournaments throughout weekly competitions in the coming months of 2021.

Our current mission includes gameplay in titles including but not limited to Call of Duty.

This means that we as a team can expect to be practicing for tournaments in other current competitive games like Apex Legends, Valorant, Rogue Company, etc.

Our goal is to progress the ranks in these games to a level of respect on the worldwide stage.

We are seeking the reward of our hard work and determination through our experience learned through failure and victory.

We are building a reputation for our team members and our brand by building our establishment on the principles of loyalty, mutual respect, and relentless personal endeavor of each of our team members.

Our prize as a team brand revolves around the success in our accomplishments through each of our member’s contribution to the mission.

All that we are doing here is more than what appears on the surface. Each of our team members’ personal lives are affected throughout the duration of the mission. Nothing is taken for granted by the D33r3con brand. The work each of all who are involved is important and considered crucial to the success we seek.

So as we face each day marching forward we will remember that the tools at our expense are much more than just social media channels and gaming systems, they are our weapons of war and victory is at hand.

Infiltrate the game.

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